About ShakingNews

ShakingNews is a resource explaining state government and politics for ordinary people. We are your source for finding out what’s going on and why, without the spin of most political news stories. See below for answers to some common questions about ShakingNews.

Why is ShakingNews important?

When voters don’t know what’s going on in their community or why, important issues go ignored.  People then vent their frustration, unaware of the root causes of these problems and unable to fix them. Moments of annoyance build up into a feeling that representative democratic institutions are either powerless or else simply unwilling to address their concerns. Eventually, those feelings boil over into tumult with unpredictable consequences, such as Donald Trump becoming President or Britain voting to leave the European Union. Or worse.

This moment calls for a new kind of news organization, one dedicated to not just reporting on the news but also explaining it, one that makes clear how the news impacts the audience, one that brings new voices and perspectives to the fore, rather than just covering elite opinion.

That is ShakingNews.

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Why the name?

We’re not interested in what’s “breaking”. Too often, what’s breaking is that a politician gave a speech and that’s presented without context or analysis.

Instead, you can come here for real analysis about what’s shaking up politics and what will shake up your life. That’s what’s shaking.

Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein, founder of ShakingNewsWho’s in charge?

Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein is the founder of ShakingNews. He’s a former digital strategist for Democratic campaigns.

Why did you create this?

Here’s what Michael says:

Over several years of working on campaigns, I discovered the near-complete absence of news coverage of state and local politics. When the news media does report on those topics, they often either don’t provide enough context for voters to make informed judgements or the stories assume more knowledge than can be expected of most people.

And yet, even with that lack of information, people still care and still vote–not everyone but a still-sizable percentage. I encountered friends who wanted to know what’s going on in their community and I had no good resources to suggest. There’s clearly something missing and that’s what I want to address.

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