Ok, this is absurd …

Trump’s refugee and travel ban plans have thrust an immigration focal point to emerge in … Champlain, New York? Yep. People are illegally crossing the border into Canada near Champlain in the North Country to escape persecution here in the United States, according to this story by Rick Rojas in the New York Times.

The beats go on …

Eric Schneiderman may be on the rise because of his antagonistic approach to President Trump, but New York Republicans are feeling the squeeze.

Tom Reed (R-23, Southern Tier) is among the Congressmen facing angry town hall sessions over the Republican healthcare plan and other policies. Reed and his colleagues know they’re walking a fine line with healthcare and the pressure is on. It’s tough to score hits before 2018.

Where are the wins?

Well, Rep. Chris Collins, a Buffalo-area Republican, tried to grab credit for  … border wait times. Trump’s newest executive order edited language from an earlier version that said all travelers crossing the border would have to submit to fingerprinting or eye scans. All travelers. Imagine the lines.


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Posted by Andy Greiner

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