Let’s throw cold water on Bo Dietl’s campaign for Mayor of New York City. He’s a loud, brash celebrity who needs something to do but he doesn’t appear to be a serious candidate.

Bo Dietl is running for Mayor

Bo Dietl is running for NYC Mayor as an independent. (Photo from Twitter)

Bo Dietl, a former New York City detective, found some measure of fame as a commentator for Fox News. Last year, Fox axed him after discovering that he did private investigative work for former Fox News chief Roger Ailes who had been fired amid sexual harassment allegations. Now, Dietl is running for Mayor as an independent.

Like our new President, Dietl looks to be a loud and nuance-free incarnation of cable news. Here’s how the Daily News describes his campaign launch:

Former NYPD detective Bo Dietl launched his independent bid on the steps of City Hall Tuesday, attacking Mayor de Blasio for everything from his fund-raising (“He’s a corrupt person”) to his oversight of the homeless and the Administration for Children’s Services (“No one cares about these kids”) to his penchant for late-morning workouts (“this lazy guy”) and his height (“Big Bird de Blasio”) in a press conference delivered almost entirely in a near-yell.

“My point is, he’s a corrupt person and he has to be taken to task,” Dietl said. “And I’m not afraid of him. He may be 6-foot-8, (but) Bo Dietl’s not afraid of him.”

Unike Trump, however, Bo Dietl is running as an independent. Without the Republican Party’s backing, he has a tough hill to climb. Just to get on the ballot, Dietl’s campaign will need to collect thousands of petition signatures without the help of a party organization. And even if he does actually make the ballot, he won’t have the built-in support that a Republican can rely upon for money, volunteers and votes.

Although Mayor Bill de Blasio may not be uniformly popular, New York City is a Democratic city. Mayor de Blasio won 73% of the vote in 2013, about what can be expected for a Democrat running in New York City. Dietl would need to peel off a good portion of those voters and win over Republicans, too.

To be fair, Mike Bloomberg did manage to win three elections as an Independent/Republican. However, in all three elections, Bloomberg ran on the Republican Party line and had to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on his campaigns, and he still only barely won in both the 2001 and 2009 elections.

So without Republican Party support and without Bloomberg’s money, Bo Dietl running for Mayor is little more than a publicity stunt. He’s another rich celebrity who wants attention but is unlikely to get more than a handful of votes, if he even makes it that far.

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Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein

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