Mayor Bill de Blasio is in a tricky spot as he runs for re-election.

The mother of Ramarley Graham, the teen killed by police officers in front of his family in 2012, accused the Mayor of being disrespectful in a Daily News op-ed and critiqued him for not doing enough to reform the NYPD. Meanwhile, the police officers’ union is hitting de Blasio and his administration from the other side for not protecting officers.

Mayor de Blasio knows that to win a second term, he needs to keep his supporters with him. That’s why, this weekend, he returned to one of his strongholds, a black church. He gave a stirring eulogy for Timothy Caughman, who was killed by a white supremacist.

Expect to see more symbolic appeals to de Blasio’s progressive base as he campaigns.


Update 5/10/17: As Bill de Blasio heads towards the election, his proposal to close Rikers Island in 10 years while defending Corrections Commissioner Joe Ponte once again demonstrates his efforts to balance competing interests.

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