Just two weeks after the MTA raised fares, the New York City Council is admonishing them for not fixing escalators and elevators quickly enough. Those escalators and elevators are incredibly important for wheelchair-users and parents with strollers. New York City’s subway is one of the oldest and largest subway systems in the world and many of the escalators and elevators are showing their age.

At the same time, many advocates including some of those same City Council members are calling for half-priced metrocards for low-income New Yorkers. While these are laudable causes, the MTA isn’t going to be able to find the money out of thin air. They’re already dealing with a growing number of break-downs (it’s not just your imagination; the subway is really getting worse) and face a proposed funding cut from Cuomo’s budget

So far, the City Council’s response has been “Not it!”

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Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein

Posted by Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein

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