This week is all about Cuomo. He’s running for President, created a new affordable housing program that won’t help many people, and one of his allies is facing the heat for violating election laws.

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Is Andrew Cuomo Running for President? (Yes)

Andrew Cuomo is running for President.

Want to understand what Andrew Cuomo is doing? It’s simple–he’s running for President. The only way to interpret his actions is to see them in that light.

His father, Mario Cuomo, infamously left two planes waiting at the airport, all ready to fly him to New Hampshire to announce his campaign. But he vacillated, earning the nickname “Hamlet on the Hudson”, before finally deciding not to run. Andrew Cuomo has made it clear that he will not face the same charge and all indications point to him going for it and running for President.

Read about what Cuomo is doing to position himself and how it’s likely to work out for him.


From Across New York

Want Affordable Housing in NYC? Good luck.

The new state budget that Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the legislature agreed to last week includes a new program for affordable housing in New York City. Just don’t expect it to do much.

Another Week, Another Pol on Trial: This Time, Buffalo’s Steve Pigeon.

Another politician is facing the heat: Buffalo operative Steve Pigeon. The former Buffalo Democratic leader is charged with running a PAC to illegally fund county legislative races.



• What’s going to happen when the L Train shuts down for repairs? The MTA doesn’t have a real plan for getting between Manhattan and Williamsburg but check out Slate’s coverage of the winners of Transportation Alternatives’ contest.

• It’s not all on the MTA, though. New York City doesn’t have the best transportation record. After promising $100 million seven years ago to improve access to JFK and LaGuardia Airports, they’ve spent only $6.3 million, the Post reports. Meanwhile, Gov. Cuomo’s new state budget cut $65 million from the MTA’s budget. That’s why it’s a nightmare to get anywhere.

• Want clean water? Maybe hold off on taking a drink at NYC public schools. Tests found lead in water from over 6,000 taps in elementary schools including one tap at PS 289 in Crown Heights that was more contaminated than the water in Flint, Michigan. Lead poisoning can cause learning disabilities but parents weren’t notified and the City Department of Health won’t test children for lead poisoning.

• The Retail Crisis. Around the country, big chain stores are shuttering stories or headed towards bankruptcy. That’s affecting people’s jobs: department stores alone employ 100,000 fewer people than they did six months ago. Now, Errol Louis writes in the Daily News that New York missed an opportunity to level the playing field between online stores and brick-and-mortar locations when the budget passed, since it didn’t include Cuomo’s proposed tax on online purchases.

• Who’s backing Trump? Some big names contributed to his inauguration, including Jets owner Woody Johnson, or his re-election campaign–$25,000 came from one of the principals at Wharton Properties, which owns several Midtown and Times Square buildings as well as the Fulton Street Mall in Brooklyn.

• Too good to not share. “Operation Vandelay Industries” caught Newman. Paul Newman, that is. He pretended to be an architect for seven years, deceiving clients and falsifying building plans. That’s nearly as long as Seinfeld was on the air.

• Heart-warming article for the week. Did you see the New York Times article about homeless Girl Scouts? Girl Scout Troop 6000 is made up entirely of homeless girls, some of the roughly 24,000 homeless children in New York City.


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