A couple weeks ago, we observed that Gov. Cuomo is laying the groundwork to run for President. Now, the NYTimes reports that he’s been reaching out to Florida donors.

But maybe he shouldn’t run for re-election? The Daily News‘ Ken Lovett suggests  Gov. Cuomo should focus on his Presidential campaign rather than run for re-election next year. A governor running for President will face criticism and run the risk of problems at home dragging him down, so maybe Cuomo should just give up the Governor’s Mansion? Fat chance he’ll take that advice.

Teaming up to get that Senate job.

If Democrats want to actually control the State Senate, they’ll need to do something about the eight-Senator Independent Democratic Conference which is aligned with the Republicans. In Washington Heights, Robert Jackson and Micah Lasher, two Democrats who were rivals last year are teaming up to take on Sen. Marisol Alcantara, one of the eight IDC members, with Lasher endorsing Jackson’s campaign. Alcantara won last year with just 32% against the two opponents-turned-allies and Democrats see her as the most vulnerable to a challenge.

Might be an opening in Nassau County?

Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano is facing trial for accepting bribes while surrounded by a cloud of corruption owing to the arrest of his aide Edward Ambrosino. However, the Republican county executive might still run for re-election. Now, almost six months after Mangano’s indictment, the Nassau Republican Party is backing away. The scandal-plagued party, led by Joe Mondello who was hand-picked for the job when his predecessor went to prison for extortion and racketeering, is delivering the coup de grace to Mangano.

Nassau Republicans endorsed former State Senator Jack Martins, who lost a Congressional campaign last year and promises to clean up county government. There are also three Democrats running for this hotly-contested seat.

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