No Go, Bo!

As expected, Bo Dietl won’t be able to run as a Republican for Mayor since Republican county leaders chose to deny him a Wilson-Pakula certificate. While he says he’ll still run, he’s going to be only a minor, third-party candidate. That means we can all safely ignore Bo Dietl’s campaign for Mayor.

Trump’s in town but Cuomo and de Blasio are skipping out.

President Donald Trump will be here today, at the Intrepid Museum, to commemorate the World War II Battle of the Coral Sea, a Naval victory that prevented a Japanese invasion of Australia. (The Intrepid, though, was not involved in the battle; it would not be launched for another year). Both Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio are boycotting Trump’s presence at the event.

Money, Money, Money.

As part of a federal budget deal reached over the weekend, the NYPD will get part of $68 million to cover their work providing security at Trump Tower. Also reassuring for Mayor de Blasio and his accountants: the deal defangs Trump’s threat to defund sanctuary cities like New York.

Want to be healthy? Hospitals aren’t so safe.

A new report from the State Department of Health flagged 52 hospitals for their patient infection rates, including 15 in New York City. Standing out for the high numbers of patients infected while at the hospital: Mt. Sinai and Metropolitan Hospitals in Manhattan, SUNY Downstate and Brookdale in Brooklyn, and Bronx-Lebanon and Montefiore-Einstein in the Bronx.

Also not healthy.

After a slew of reports about lead poisoning in Flint, Buffalo, and New York City schools, the NYC Department of Education retested its pipes. 83% of schools had a faucet contaminated with lead. The affected faucets will be replaced and schools are instituting new procedures to prevent lead poisoning, though there have been complaints that parents weren’t notified..

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