Yesterday, Congress voted to pass the American Healthcare Act (the AHCA) to repeal Obamacare. How did New York’s representatives vote?

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Here’s how New York’s Representatives Voted:

District Name Party Vote
NY-1 Lee Zeldin Republican Yes
NY-2 Peter T. King Republican Yes
NY-3 Tom Suozzi Democrat No
NY-4 Kathleen Rice Democrat No
NY-5 Gregory W. Meeks Democrat No
NY-6 Grace Meng Democrat No
NY-7 Nydia M. Velázquez Democrat No
NY-8 Hakeem Jeffries Democrat No
NY-9 Yvette D. Clarke Democrat No
NY-10 Jerrold Nadler Democrat No
NY-11 Dan Donovan Republican No
NY-12 Carolyn B. Maloney Democrat No
NY-13 Adriano Espaillat Democrat No
NY-14 Joseph Crowley Democrat No
NY-15 José E. Serrano Democrat No
NY-16 Eliot L. Engel Democrat No
NY-17 Nita M. Lowey Democrat No
NY-18 Sean Patrick Maloney Democrat No
NY-19 John J. Faso Republican Yes
NY-20 Paul Tonko Democrat No
NY-21 Elise Stefanik Republican Yes
NY-22 Claudia Tenney Republican Yes
NY-23 Tom Reed Republican Yes
NY-24 John Katko Republican No
NY-25 Louise M. Slaughter Democrat No
NY-26 Brian Higgins Democrat No
NY-27 Chris Collins Republican Yes

Every Democrat voted against the bill while Staten Island’s Dan Donovan and John Katko (Syracuse) were the only Republicans to vote against it. Every other Republican supported the bill, including Buffalo-area Rep. Chris Collins who later admitted on CNN that he didn’t actually read the bill:

To be fair, most members of Congress don’t read most of the bills they vote on. Because of the amount of legislation Congress works on, it would be too much for any single person and would require extensive research to make sense of what the vote will actually do. Nevertheless, if Chris Collins gets a serious challenge next year, he’s really going to regret admitting that he didn’t know what was in the bill.

What’s next?

Keep in mind: while the House passed this bill to repeal Obamacare, it’s not the end of the road. The Senate will need to vote on the bill before it gets to Donald Trump’s desk. The AHCA could dramatically change or even fail altogether as the bill makes its way through Congress. However, if it does pass, then the American Healthcare Act, along with Trump’s budget, could disrupt New York state government and cause New Yorkers a lot of pain.

Update 5/23/17

Read how New York State is responding to Trumpcare’s passage.

Trumping the AHCA? How New York will respond to Trumpcare

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  3. Donovan only voted against it for political gains, not because he is legitimately against it. He voted in favor of repealing internet privacy laws and supports Trump’s Muslim Ban.

    Fuck that guy. Staten Island deserves better.


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