It’s not just Trump. New York has its own law-breakers.

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Statistic of the Week: Over 50 train delays happen each month on the A/C/E 8th Avenue line. The MTA’s new plan to fix the subways focuses on alleviating those delays.


Did Someone in the Senate Break the Law?

Last week, we mentioned that some IDC state Senators were in line for larger paychecks. Now, it turns out that seven IDC and Republican Senators may not have actually been entitled to the (meant-to-be-secret) raises.

What you need to know:

  • Republicans control the Senate thanks to the eight-member Independent Democratic Conference which supports Republican control.
  • Traditionally committee chairs get paid extra, since they might do more work. However, seven Senators (three IDC members and four Republicans) got paid as chairs even though the seven were vice-chairs.

Were these extra payments legal? Depends who you ask.

Repeal & Replace Republicans: How Trumpcare Threatens New York Republicans

By James Freedland: Congressional Republicans will pay a heavy price for their deceitful, dishonorable conduct supporting the House’s Trumpcare bill, the American Healthcare Act. Even if they are not punished as harshly as they deserve to be, it’s hard not to get the sense that, come November 2018, Republicans will be desperately wishing to erase this loathsome vote from the legislative record.

Read why Republican support for Trumpcare spells bad news for the GOP’s chances in the midterm elections next year.


Stories We’re Following

• Did Someone Break the Law Overseeing NYC’s Jails?
Corrections Commissioner Joe Ponte is stepping down following a series of devastating stories about his leadership of the increasingly-dangerous Rikers Island jail. Then news came out that he took a government car on weeks of vacation and allowed a deputy to eavesdrop on investigations into the jail. While Ponte is on his way out, he already fired the deputy, Gregory Kuczinski.

• Did a Buffalo Congressman Break the Law with Insider Trading?
The Office of Congressional Ethics is looking into Republican Chris Collins. He was involved in passing a law to speed up drug trials. That benefitted a biotech company that he invested in. Collins also told others including Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price to buy stock. Collins then bragged in front of reporters about “how many millionaires I’ve made.” Maybe that wasn’t the best idea.

• Are de Blasio’s new homeless shelters breaking the law?
Critics say the new homeless shelters planned by Mayor Bill de Blasio break the City’s fair share rules that require services to be equitably distributed across the city. The shelters are going in area with the most homeless people, which tend to be predominately black and Latino. Residents of those neighborhoods want fewer shelters around them and more to be built in whiter, wealthier places too.

• Did Trump’s former campaign manager break the law?
Thought you could avoid hearing about Trump, did you? Sorry.

State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance are digging into former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort. He may have committed fraud and money laundering by using shell companies to buy property, including a Trump Tower apartment. The FBI, Treasury Department, and Congressional investigators are also looking at his overseas bank accounts and work for Vladimir Putin and his Russian and Ukranian allies.


Quote of the Week: “All schools must remain a safe space, where children’s safety is paramount.” Queens Borough President Melinda Katz after a Maspeth, Queens school turned away immigration agents asking about a fourth-grader there.


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