Word of the Week: “Consistent”
How Mayor Bill de Blasio described Republican priorities: “A consistent effort to cut support for working people, and use those resources to give tax cuts to the wealthy and to corporations.”


Con Con: Will NY have a Constitutional Convention?

It won’t have the Founding Fathers but New York might have a constitutional convention (or a Con Con, as its been called). In November, we’ll vote on whether to hold one.

What you need to know:

  • On Election Day, November 7th. We’ll vote yes or no on hold a constitutional convention. If New York votes yes, we’ll then elect delegates to the Constitutional Convention in 2018 and have the chance to vote on any amendments in 2019.
  • Supporters say that it’s the only way to make major changes to end gerrymandering, make it easier to vote, and generally fix government.
  • Opponents, mostly current elected officials or public employee unions, say that the results could be unpredictable.

Find out more about the process, the potential issues and what everyone is saying.

Trumpcare: Con for New York

By Jason Bisnoff: Trumpcare passed the House and is now in the Senate but whatever happens is likely to be bad news. However, the threat to repeal Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act, is fueling a push for single-payer healthcare in New York.

Read more.

Payroll Scandal Con-sequences

Last week, we reported on how seven Senators received bonuses (called lulus in Albany parlance) for leadership positions they didn’t actually hold. Now, law enforcement is investigating and it’s bad news for everyone.  Read more about how the Senate, Gov. Cuomo, and others are affected.

Yesterday, adding to the intrigue, Sen. Simcha Felder (Brooklyn), a Democrat who joined the Senate Republicans, called on the Independent Democrats to rejoin the Democratic Party. If the IDC and Felder did reunite with the mainline Democrats, Democrats would control the Senate. Instead, however, Republicans do even though there are 32 Democrats (counting Felder and the IDC) and only 31 Republicans.

Stories We’re Following

• Con-text for a wave? Democrat wins Long Island Assembly seat.
Normally, we don’t pay too much attention to special elections for the State Assembly, since Democrats have a massive 2/3rds majority in the chamber. However, progressive Democrat Christine Pellegrino won a resounding victory on Tuesday in this heavily-Republican district around Oyster Bay, a 40 point swing in the Democrats favor after Trump won the area with 60% of the vote in November. If that trend continues in the 2018 midterm elections, a lot of New York Republicans will be forcibly retired.

• Con-flict of Interests for Buffalo Republican?
Republican Chris Collins is already under investigation for insider trading after reporters overheard him bragging about “how many millionaires I’ve made.” Now, the Daily Beast discovered that a medical device company Collins founded stands to gain millions if Trumpcare becomes law. Collins memorably didn’t know what what was in the American Healthcare Act despite prominently supporting it.

• Con-cerned about the subways?
Well now Gov. Andrew Cuomo is, too. After insisting he didn’t control the MTA (he does), he just proposed a $3 million contest for ideas to improve the subways and prevent the ever-increasing delays. Of course, there are plenty of ideas to improve the trains. The problem is that anything will cost a lot more than $3 million to fix the 1930’s-era subway system.

Statistic of the Week: 38% of eligible voters cast ballots in the 2016 Presidential election but not in New York City’s 2013 primaries. A new City initiative will remind voters about their voting record in the hopes that it’ll inspire or pressure them to turn out.

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