Republican Chris Collins is already under investigation for insider trading after reporters overheard him bragging about “how many millionaires I’ve made.”

Now, the Daily Beast discovered that a medical device company Collins founded, Audubon Machinery, stands to gain millions if Trumpcare becomes law. He’s also the director of another company, ZeptoMetrix, which would benefit from lower taxes and fees thanks to the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. In total, Collins has $6.5 million in stock between the two companies.

In a statement, Collins’ spokesman insisted that he didn’t break any laws: “Congressman Collins has followed all congressional ethical guidelines related to his personal finances during his time in the House and will continue to do so. Congressman Collins’ history as a Western New York entrepreneur is well known, and he has been fully transparent as a member of Congress, listing all of his business interests on his personal financial disclosure each year.

Collins memorably didn’t know what what was in the American Healthcare Act despite prominently supporting it.

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