Mayor Bill de Blasio is planning on signing new laws this week to help low-wage workers. So, of course, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration is trying to pull one over on them.

In this case, the issue is low-wage worker scheduling. The city’s rules would forbid stores and fast-food restaurants from cancelling workers’ shifts without notice. It would also require that companies increase workers’ hours before hiring new employees. The state rules are still being formulated and might apply to more workers. However, the regulations could be weaker on the city rules and prevent New York City and other localities from imposing stricter rules.

Even though Cuomo and de Blasio are supposed friends, don’t look for one to defer to the other on worker scheduling or any other issue.

Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein

Posted by Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein

Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein is the founder of ShakingNews.

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