Month: May 2017

The L Train is the only line the MTA has upgraded. It'll take decades to finish the project.
New York City

Delayed due to train traffic ahead?

It's probably because the subway still uses 1930's technology to keep track of trains: cables and mechanical switches. Computerizing the train control system will allow more trains to run more quickly but the MTA is in no hurry. The project started in 1991 and has upgraded only the L train. The target date to finish the…

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Commuting, Housing, and More Money Issues

While the House considers repealing Obamacare, we have a lot going on here in New York. [UPDATE: the House passed the American Healthcare Act; see how New York's representatives voted]. Penn Station continues to be a disaster zone and the subways are old and breaking down. We dig into de Blasio's new budget while a new campaign…

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Mayor Bill de Blasio cheers the passage of his affordable housing program. Critics like Real Affordability for All say it's not enough.
AnalysisNew York City

Affordable for Whom? The Tragically Misguided Arguments about Affordable Housing in NYC

Mayor Bill de Blasio promised 200,000 affordable housing apartments, including 50,000 units for New Yorkers earning less than $40,000. Critics have long said that's not enough. Now, the Real Affordability for All coalition, led by New York Communities for Change and Bertha Lewis' The Black Institute, is attacking de Blasio and his Deputy Mayor Alicia…

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