Mayoral control of New York City schools is set to expire, threatening to plunge the school system into chaos, unless the state legislature passes a law extending the program.

However, the Senate GOP threatens to continue mayoral control only if NYC allows more charter schools. They are also pushing to include a tax cut for rich New York City residents and a tax credit for private schools, too. Meanwhile their IDC allies offered another bill tinkering around the edges by letting neighborhood education councils choose superintendents.

Everyone agrees that if mayoral control expired, it would be a disaster for schoolchildren. Of course, the Post blames de Blasio¬†for not compromising and straining relationships with Senate Republicans. They have something of a point–de Blasio, a Democrat, did campaign for Democrats against Republicans. It seems like Republicans haven’t forgiven him for helping his own party, unlike Gov. Cuomo with his tacit support of Senate Republicans.

While de Blasio deserves his share of blame for problems with New York City schools, no one seriously pretends that the IDC and Republicans in the Senate are trying to address them. The only real explanation for their behavior is that they want to score points. And they’re willing to imperil NYC schools in order to do so.

Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein

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