We’ve got a Republican candidate for Mayor but she faces an uphill battle. Also facing challenges: the New York City subway system.

Stat of the Week: $10 – how much people in the small town of Wilson, NC pay each month for 50 mbps of internet service. By comparison, New Yorkers have to pay at least $50/month for that. Internet activist and law professor Susan Crawford is suing New York City to change that.

Republicans have their woman, can she beat de Blasio?

Republicans now have a candidate for Mayor–Nicole Malliotakis, an Assemblywoman representing parts of Staten Island and Brooklyn. She’ll be going against Mayor Bill de Blasio in November

How’d she become the nominee?

So does Nicole Malliotakis have a chance? Read more on ShakingNews.

How much longer can politicians ignore the subway?

So far, Andrew Cuomo has managed to be lucky. He’s embraced the subway and MTA when there have been accomplishments like finally opening the Second Avenue Subway or putting new buses with wifi on the road. And when there have been issues with the subway or Long Island Railroad, he’s managed to avoid blame, instead accusing Amtrak of mismanagement. But his luck might be running out.

Learn more about why Cuomo and de Blasio might be leaving an opening for someone else who will take on the challenge.

Stories We’re Following

• Corruption Watch: Nassau Republicans Indicted, NYC Councilman on Trial, Senator Gets Off

Last week, a Nassau County jury indicted former Oyster Bay Town Supervisor John Venditto for corruption along with two former town commissioners. Venditto has been a powerful Republican leader until he stepped down after federal prosecutors charged him and County Executive Edward Mangano for taking bribes.

Meanwhile, Queens City Councilman Ruben Wills is on trial for stealing $30,000 in taxpayer dollars. His defense: he didn’t keep receipts and was careless but didn’t use the money inappropriately. Too bad prosecutors have receipts from Macy’s, Nordstrom’s and Home Depot. He also paid for his campaign with the money.

Erie County State Senator Rob Ortt (R) is in better shape, though. A judge dismissed the charges that he subverted campaign finance law, since Ortt didn’t personally sign or file the reports. However, a spokesperson for Attorney General Eric Schneiderman declared that the ruling didn’t change the fact that Ortt’s wife, Meghan, was paid for a no-show job.

• Firefighters and First Responders Get Help from State Legislature 

With the state legislative session over for the year, firefighters and other first responders are looking at some victories. The legislature passed bills to provide voluntary firefighters with the same disability benefits that professional firefighters receive and increase disability pensions for airport firefighters. Another bill would also give firefighters who were at the World Trade Center on 9/11 unlimited sick leave for dealing with diseases and cancers connected to Ground Zero.

The bills will now go to Gov. Cuomo for his signature or veto.

• Replacement for St. Vincent’s in the Village

St. Vincent’s Hospital in Greenwich Village closed in 2010 amid a great outcry from the community. The hospital was replaced with a nearly-200 unit condo development and the outrage contributed to City Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s loss in the 2013 Mayoral election. Now, Northwell Health will open a specialty healthcare facility in the building, fulfilling a city-imposed requirement. The new facility, operated by the network that includes Long Island Jewish, North Shore, and Lenox Hill, among others will offer cardiology, gastroenterology, pulmonology and ear-nose-and-throat services.

Quote of the Week: “New York’s state treasury is swimming in excess cash.” – E.J. McMahon in the New York Post. He argues that Gov. Andrew Cuomo should use the money to fix the MTA.

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