Party Designating petitions were filed at the NYC Board of Elections on Thursday and it is time for my annual report on this year’s likely upcoming Primary contests in the City.

Up until now, I’ve posted this report on the Room 8 site but now that no longer exists, Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein at ShakingNews has generously agreed to post the report.

This will list possible Primary contests based on more than one candidate filing petitions for a position.

All of my information are as of late Monday, so some of this will change as some candidates have declined and will either be replaced or not, some candidates will be removed from the ballot because of insufficient signatures or some other error and there may have been a clerical error or two by Board of Elections’ personnel in listing the candidates.

I exclude any contests for Judicial Delegates & Alternates and County Committee as they are so obscure that even political junkies don’t usually care about them.

In some cases, when I know something about the candidates and the political situation, I will include some of that information in this report.



Mayor de Blasio had 5 opponents file against him – former Councilman Sal Albanese, criminal justice reformer Robert Gangi, former Community Board Chair Richard Basher, perennial candidate Bill Murawski & Michael Tolkin.

Public Advocate

Columbia Professor David Eisenbach filed to oppose incumbent Letitia James.



Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis is opposed by former minor Presidential candidate Rocky De La Fuente, and perennial candidate from many parties Walter Iwachiw.



City Council
Councilwoman Margaret Chin is opposed by community activist Christopher Marte, attorney Aaron Foldenauer & filmmaker Dashia Imperiale.

7 Candidates filed to run to replace Councilwoman Rosie Mendez –
District Leader Carlina Rivera, lawyers Mary Silver, Erin Hussein & Jorge Vasquez, community activist Jasmin Sanchez, perennial candidate Juan Pagan & former Obama aide Ronnie Cho, though the BOE records indicate that he has been removed from the ballot.

9 Candidates filed to run to replace Councilman Dan Garodnick –
District Leader Keith Powers, State Committee members Bessie Schacter & Marti Speranza, educator Vanessa Aronson, Sanders DNC Delegate Maria Castro, Council aide Jeffrey Mailman, business owner Alec Hartman, public relations executive Rachel Honig and business consultant Barry Shapiro

Councilman Ben Kallos is challenged by community organizer Patrick Bobilin and former candidate Gwen Goodwin. However, Goodwin previously ran in 8 CCD and her website says 8 CCD, so this might be a BOE error.

Councilwoman Helen Rosenthal is opposed by former candidate Mel Wymore and by Cary Goodman, a leader in the fight against the expansion of the Museum of Natural History.

Councilman Mark Levine’s opponent is a racist self-promoting con man whose name will not be listed.

8 CCD (district is also in the Bronx)
6 candidates filed to replace Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito –
Assemblyman Robert Rodriguez, Council aide Diana Ayala, parent activist Tamika Mapp, perennial candidate Edward Gibbs & former Bronx Assemblyman Israel Martinez.

Councilman Bill Perkins, who won this seat in a Special Election earlier has a rematch with some of his earlier opponents & some others – District Leader Cordell Cleare, union official Marvin Holland, lawyer Pierre Gooding, teacher Tyson-Lord Gray, Marvin Spruill, Dianne Mack & Julius Tajiddin.

10 CCD
Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez is opposed by UFT Delegate Josue Perez, former Precinct Council President George Espinal & perennial candidate Francesca Castellanos.

Civil Court Judge

9 JD
Housing Court Judge Susan Avery & Court Attorney James Clynes are running.
Full disclosure – I am working on behalf of Jim Clynes.

District Leader

65 AD, Part A
District Leader Karen Blatt & local businessman Jacob Goldman are opposed by Caroline Laskow & State Committeemember Lee Berman

65 AD, Part B
Incumbents Pedro Cardi & Alice Cancel are being challenged by local activist Ken Paskar & tenant leader Daisy Paez.

67 AD, Part C
District Leader Marc Landis is opposed by Daniel Brancusi.

68 AD, Part A
Assemblyman Robert Rodriguez, who is also a District Leader was opposed for that position by one of his City Council opponents Edward Gibbs but Rodriguez has declined the nomination. I assume he will be replaced by another candidate.

68 AD, Part B
District Leader Johnny Rivera is challenged by former Leader Harry Rodriguez & Omar Jackson and Leader Peggy Morales has one opponent – Theresa Rowell.

68 AD, Part C
District Leader John Ruiz is opposed by Kelmy Rodriguez while Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito, who is also a District Leader is opposed by Tanisha Dejesus.

68 AD, Part D
District Leader Keith Lilly has one opponent – Ruben Torres and his running mate Lashawn Henry has two – former candidate Nye Whittaker & Sophia White.

69 AD, Part A
District Leader Robert Botfeld is opposed by the same racist running against Councilman Mark Levine.

70 AD, Part A
District Leader Cordell Cleare has 2 opponents – Pharein Griffith & Alasia Richardson.

70 AD, Part C
County Leader Keith Wright & co-Leader Wilma Brown Phillips are being opposed by Derrick Vidine & Ruth McDaniels.

70 AD, Part D
There are 3 slates of Leaders running – District Leader Dan Clark’s running mate is Norma Campusano, Leader Alicia Barksdale is running with Vernon Williams and Young Democrats leader Corey Ortega is with Gricel Ortiz-Thompson.

71 AD Part B
District Leaders Ernestine Bell Temple & Al Taylor are opposed by Dakeshia Roberts & Brian Lilly.

72 AD, Part A
District Leader Maria Morillo is being challenged by Argentina Cruz.

72 AD Part B
Former District Leader Manny De Los Santos is running, opposed by George Espinal (also running for Council) and Edwin Rosario.

74 AD, Part A
District Leader Anthony Feliciano & his running mate, Councilwoman Rosie Mendez are challenged by Taille Brown & perennial candidate Mildred Martinez.

75 AD, Part B
District Leaders Mickey Spillane & Denise Spillane (cousins & related to the legendary McManus family) are being opposed by lawyer Thomas Shanahan & tenant leader Marisa Redanty.

76 AD, Part A
District Leaders John Halebian & Jill Eisner are being challenged by transportation activist Ben Wetzler & youth activist Esther Yang.

76 AD Part B
District Leaders Kim Moscaritolo & Adam Roberts are facing local activist Madeline Piel & Joshua Kravitz.



Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. is opposed by perennial candidate Carmella Price & Avery Selkridge

City Council
12 CCD
Councilman Andy King is opposed by educator Karee-Lyn Gordon & former candidate Pamela Hamilton-Johnson.

13 CCD
6 candidates filed to replace Councilman Jimmy Vacca. They are Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj, District Leader Marjorie Velazquez, former Senate aide John Doyle, non-profit director Alex Gomez, educator Victor Ortiz & perennial candidate Egidio Sementilli.

14 CCD
Councilman Fernando Cabrera has 3 opponents – former congressional aide Randy Abreu and Felix Perdormo.

16 CC
Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson is challenged by former candidate Niyyirrah El.

17 CCD
Councilman Rafael Salamanca is opposed by former candidate Helen Hines, organizer Elvis Santana, Melvin Burgos, Isabel Fernandez & Glennis Sanchez.

18 CCD
5 candidates are returning for Councilwoman Annabel Palma’s seat – State Senator Ruben Diaz, former Council aide Amanda Farias, former Mayoral aide Elvin Garcia, and former candidates William Moore & Michael Beltzer.



District Attorney
Acting DA Eric Gonzalez is opposed by former NYC Commisioner Pat Gatling, City Councilman Vincent Gentile & former Assistant District Attorneys Anne Swern, Ama Dwimoh & Marc Fliedner.

City Council

34 CCD (part is in Queens)
Councilman Antonio Reynoso is opposed by District Leader Tommy Torres.

35 CCD
Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo has a rematch with 2013 opponent Ede Fox.

36 CCD
Councilman Robert Cornegy is opposed by Reginald Swiney.

38 CCD
Councilman Carlos Menchaca has 5 opponents – former Councilwoman Sara Gonzalez, Assemblyman Felix Ortiz, former Assemblyman Javier Nieves & lawyers Delvis Valdes & Chris Miao.

40 CCD
Councilman Mathieu Eugene has 4 opponents – former Council aide Brian Cunningham, former reporter Jennifer Berkley, Community Board officer Pia Raymond and Rev. John Williams.

41 CCD
12 candidates (a record???) filed to replace Councilwoman Darlene Mealy – former Assembly aide Alicka Ampry-Samuel, Community Board District Manager Henry Butler, Day Care owner Moreen King, small business owner Deidre Olivera, District Leader Cory Provost, former candidates David Miller, Royston Antoine, John Grant, Victor Jordan and Christopher Carew & Joyce Shearin.

42 CCD
Councilwoman Inez Barron is opposed by non-profit head Mawuli Homeku & former candidate Prince Lewis.

43 CCD
5 candidates are running to replace Councilman Vincent Gentile – former Mayoral aide Justin Brannan, District Leaders Kevin Carroll & Nancy Tong, pastor Khader El-Yateem & lawyer Vincent Chirico.

45 CCD
Councilman Jumaane Williams is opposed by former candidate Ernest Emmanuel & Louis Cespedes.

48 CCD
Councilman Chaim Detusch is opposed by small business owner Marat Filler. Former Council aide Kalmen Yeger was also running but he has declined. I don’t know if he will be replaced as a candidate.

Civil Court


There 6 Countywide positions to be filled this year. The Brooklyn Democratic Organization has 6 candidates. Five of the 6 are opposed. Since if all the candidates make the ballot, the top 5 will win, I’m listing all the candidates for the 5 seats rather than listing them as one on one.

The Organization candidates with opponents are Civil Court Judges Robin Sheares & Fred Arriaga & attorneys Connie Melendez, Patria Frias-Colon & David Pepper.
They are opposed by John Kennedy O’Hara, Patrick Hayes, Isiris Isela Isaac, Sandra Roper, Thomas Kennedy & Ellen Edwards.

6 JD
4 candidates filed petitions – Court Attorneys Elena Baron, Court referees Hemalle Patel & Derefim Neckles & attorney Rupert Barry.


43 CCD
There is a 4 way Primary here in one of the few NYC districts that will be seriously contested in November

Running are former candidates John Quaglione & Robert Capano, District Leader Lucretia Regina-Potter & former legislative aide Liam McCabe.

State Committee

46 AD
Incumbents Anthony Bove & Lucretia Regina-Potter are opposed by Frank Esposito & Kerry McCarthy.

49 AD
Incumbent Steve Maresca is opposed by Thomas DeGrezia


35th CCD
There might be a Primary between Jabari Brisport & Scott Hutchins.



Borough President Melinda Katz is opposed by businessman Everly Brown.

City Council

19 CCD
Councilman Paul Vallone’s opponent is former candidate Paul Graziano.

20 CCD
Councilman Peter Koo is challenged by Community Board member Alison Tan, the wife of Assemblyman Ron Kim.

21 CCD
5 candidates filed to replace Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras-Copeland – Assemblyman Francisco Moya, former Councilman Hiram Monserratte, Assembly aide Yonel Letellier-Sosa, former Council aide Ericka Montoya & community activist Christina Furlong.

22 CCD
Councilman Costa Constantinides is opposed by union President Kenneth Wynder.

23 CCD
Councilman Barry Grodenchick’s opponent is real estate agent Benny Itterra.

24 CCD
Councilman Rory Lancman is challenged by former candidate Mohammad Rahman.

27 CCD
Councilman I. Daneek Miller is opposed by former police officer Anthony Rivers.

28 CCD
Councilman Ruben Wills has 2 opponents – NYC government staffer Richard David & attorney Hettie Powell.

30 CCD
Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley is challenged by civic leader Robert Holden.

32 CCD
There former candidates are competing for the right to face Republican Councilman Eric Ulrich – William Ruiz, Michael Scala & Heilal Sheikh.

Staten Island


City Council

49 CCD
Councilwoman Debbie Rose is being opposed by civic leader Kamillah Hanks & former legislative aide Phil Marius.

Jerry Skurnik

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