Apparently, that’s what some Queens Democrats are saying. After Corona/East Elmhurst Councilmember Julissa Ferreras-Copeland announced her retirement, her predecessor Hiram Monserrate jumped into the race.

Monserrate has only one small, niggling issue: his criminal record. In December 2008, after winning a State Senate seat but before he was sworn in, Monserrate attacked his then-girlfriend, slashing her face. While awaiting trial, he participated in coup to give power to Senate Republicans as one of the “Four Amigos”, similar in some ways to what the IDC did.

Monserrate was convicted of assault and then months later, federal prosecutors charged him for steering tax dollars to his campaign. He served a nearly two-year sentence. Now, he’s back and running for City Council.

The main opposition to Monserrate comes from Assemblyman Francisco Moya, who has raised significantly more money. However, Mayor Bill de Blasio passed up the opportunity to endorse Moya this week, demurring that he was “in the middle of bocce and lemon ice.”

Note: I broke his arm campaigning against Monserrate in 2010 after the Senate expelled him.

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