Yes, in fact.

In his masterpiece, The Power Broker, Robert Caro recorded that Robert Moses built lower bridges over the Southern State Parkway on the way to Jones Beach. According to an engineer who worked on the project, Moses wanted lower bridges so that buses couldn’t bring poor (especially black) people to Jones Beach.

A Cornell historian looked at this story and it’s true. There are four bridges with less than an eight-foot clearance and, on average, the bridges along the Southern State Parkway have less than nine feet of room under them. By contrast, while other older parkways (like the Saw Mill, the Hutchinson, and Bronx River Parkways) have lower bridges than modern standards, the average was still 10 feet tall.

Older buses may have been able to go on those roads but, because of Robert Moses, they couldn’t take bus-riders to Jones Beach.

Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein

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