Month: August 2017

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Some Political Funny Business

This week we're covering and explaining some New York political funny business. Thanks for reading, - Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein Stat of the Week: 17,143 hours of work missed by New York City employees due to transportation issues. Another big reason the MTA needs to fix the subways.  Why vote against the ConCon? Depends who you ask One…

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Why vote against the ConCon? Depends who you ask

One of the most interesting features of this year's campaign against a Constitutional Convention is the broad coalition assembled against it. New Yorkers Against Corruption, the organization encouraging voters to vote No in November, encompasses groups like the Working Families and Conservative Parties that would normally never see eye-to-eye. And that leads to some interesting,…

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IDC Leader Jeff Klein (Bronx)
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More Legal Trouble for the IDC Over Money

The Independent Democratic Conference is once again in legal trouble after using a legal loophole to try to get more money. As a reminder, the group of Democratic State Senators (including Brooklyn Sen. Jesse Hamilton) helps Republicans maintain control of the Senate, even though there are more Democrats in the body. Since there's no Independent Democratic Party,…

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Congested? Or just enraged?

ShakingNews is here for you, to explain Cuomo's congestion pricing proposal, some New York backlash to Charlottesville and more about what's going on in New York politics. We want to hear from you! Just hit reply to this email so that we can talk to you about ShakingNews, the news you read, and how we should…

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Fort Hamilton
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Should a Brooklyn Street Honor Robert E. Lee?

Two streets at South Brooklyn's Fort Hamilton army base honor Confederate generals: General Lee Avenue and Stonewall Jackson Drive. And despite protests, the Army is keeping them. After New Orleans removed Confederate memorials, Brooklyn's Democratic Members of Congress called on the Army to do the same. Last week, just days before neo-Nazis and white supremacists marched in Charlottesville,…

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Jared Kushner
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You’ll Never Guess Which Presidential Son-in-Law Violated the Law

Okay, actually you will. (Donald Trump only has one married daughter, after all). The Housing Rights Initiative is suing Kushner Companies (of which Jared was CEO until he left for Washington) for flagrantly violating New York rent regulation laws. The suit, on behalf of nine tenants, claims that a Brooklyn Heights building, 89 Hicks Street, should…

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