We reported last week on the raft of Democrats and Republicans threatening to run against Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Now, we can add two more potential candidates from Syracuse: Republican Senator John DeFrancisco, the number two Republican in that body and a conservative leader, and Democratic Mayor Stephanie Miner.

Interestingly, Miner is termed-out of office this year, so she won’t have to give up her seat for a difficult race. There’s also talk that she could instead run against Republican Congressman John Katko, which might be less of a stretch for her.

Will they actually run? That’s anyone’s guess. Cuomo’s weakness is largely of his own making and he’s still very formidable with a $25 million war chest. But he’s starting to show vulnerabilities that the right candidate could exploit.

However, without the right candidate, this could be a similar race to the New York City Mayor’s race right now, where a weakened Bill de Blasio still looks set to win in a walk.

Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein

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