Speaking of weak candidates, Bill de Blasio isn’t taking chances in his re-election campaign.

Despite a lackluster primary field, he’s asking the New York City Campaign Finance Board for an extra couple million to spend in the Democratic primary under the matching funds program. The program, meant to help candidates compete without raising money just from wealthy donors, matches donations under $175 from New York City voters six-to-one, so that a $10 contribution is matched with $60. (City & State has a more detailed rundown if you’re interested).

Normally, candidates don’t get matching funds if they don’t face serious opposition. However, de Blasio claims he needs the extra money because of a competitive race. Neither of the two leading opponents, former City Councilman Sal Albanese and police reform advocate Bob Gangi, have gotten much press. Even outside groups aren’t doing much this year.

It’s unclear if de Blasio will actually get the extra money he’s asking for or if this will just lead to more PR headaches for his campaign.

Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein

Posted by Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein

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