When all else fails, try the truth. The MTA is testing the wisdom of that aphorism. Combined with new subway countdown clocks, the hope is that riders will at least know what’s going on if they’re delayed.

Why you’re delayed: aging power systems

After six years and a half as Governor, Andrew Cuomo finally toured the subway to discover their technology is very old. (He should just read the coverage on ShakingNews). The Governor announced an overhaul of the aging ConEd power system whose problems cause 32,000 power delays last year.

Why you’re delayed: some trains don’t run enough

Surprised? Over the last two months, exactly zero days had as many rush hour trains on the Lexington Ave 4/5/6 as scheduled. The MTA has increasingly focused on preventing long wait times, ignoring the schedules in the process. For the 4, 5 and 6 trains, that’s meant 91 fewer trains from 6 AM to 8 PM on the average day this summer. Those trains could each carry 1,000 people, making your commute that much more crowded.

Why you’re delayed: political infighting

Mayor de Blasio is calling for a millionaires tax to pay for subway repairs and long-term work. That’s similar to what he campaigned for to pay for Pre-K for All and likely to face the same fate; Senate Republican Leader John Flanagan said it’s dead on arrival. However, the proposal may increase the pressure on Gov. Cuomo to address the subway crisis. He responded by suggesting a congestion pricing plan for commuters driving in Manhattan, a plan that Mayor Bloomberg unsuccessfully pushed for a decade ago. However, Cuomo did not reveal any details of what he might propose. Cuomo and state legislators are also unlikely to want to take on a controversial issue like congestion pricing while they are preparing to run for re-election.


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