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So about Tuesday…

Election Day was Tuesday, Friends, and there were a few surprising results, but only a few. However, before we get to that, I want to let you know that the ShakingNewsletter is going on a temporary hiatus. It's been a great experience covering and explaining politics and this year's elections and I'm glad so many…

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The state legislature didn't see any elections but the elections will have an impact.
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What about the rest of the state?

Albany, Rochester, and Buffalo: Just like Bill de Blasio, Mayors in three of the state's largest cities cruised to victory. Byron Brown in Buffalo, Kathy Sheehan in Albany, and Rochester's Lovely Warren all won solid victories in Democratic primaries. Syracuse: Juanita Perez Williams, a former Cuomo staffer, won the Democratic primary for Mayor of Syracuse. If…

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What is New York doing about DACA?

This week, President Donald Trump announced that he'd cave to conservative pressure to restrict immigration by phasing out the DACA program (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals; here's a refresher) over the next six months. New York politicians immediately sprang into action. Mayor Bill de Blasio penned a Daily News op-ed pledging to protect the DREAMers, immigrants…

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Some Political Funny Business

This week we're covering and explaining some New York political funny business. Thanks for reading, - Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein Stat of the Week: 17,143 hours of work missed by New York City employees due to transportation issues. Another big reason the MTA needs to fix the subways.  Why vote against the ConCon? Depends who you ask One…

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Why vote against the ConCon? Depends who you ask

One of the most interesting features of this year's campaign against a Constitutional Convention is the broad coalition assembled against it. New Yorkers Against Corruption, the organization encouraging voters to vote No in November, encompasses groups like the Working Families and Conservative Parties that would normally never see eye-to-eye. And that leads to some interesting,…

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