Joe Crowley at an unrelated event in the district.

Crowley’s Treasurer Under Investigation

One of Queens Democratic Leader Rep. Joe Crowley’s closest allies, his campaign treasurer Scott Kaufman, is under investigation by the state Office of Court Administration. He may have violated the rules by receiving court appointments that allowed him to earn over the limit, taking home over $550,000 in court contracts over the last decade.

Kaufman received all these contracts from a judge whose sister works for Crowley, who also appoints judges. He told the Post that he had complied with all rules.

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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio

Mayor de Blasio Far Ahead

The New York Times reports on what they describe as “unfamiliar territory” for Mayor Bill de Blasio–in the lead. He came from behind to win both his races for Public Advocate in 2009 and then for Mayor in 2013. This time, however, he has few serious opponents in the Democratic primary. The Republican challengers, Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis and real estate executive Paul Massey, don’t seem to be attracting much of a following.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Sen. John Flanagan are at odds over opioids.

Opioids Create a Strange Alignment: Cuomo Agreeing with Democrats

In the closing days of the legislative session, the opioid crisis is turning into the latest flashpoint. State Senate Republicans passed a bill to make it easier for law enforcement to arrest drug dealers and impose longer sentences. Meanwhile, Gov. Cuomo has lined up with the Assembly Democrats in advocating for more treatment, including more insurance coverage for substance abuse counseling and rehabilitation.

The state legislative session ends next week, meaning that the “three men in a room” will need to agree to something over the next week in order to enact it into law.

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NYC Schools are currently run by the Mayor. Mayoral control could expire if the state legislature doesn't act.

Republicans Toy with de Blasio Over Mayoral Control

Mayoral control of New York City schools is set to expire, threatening to plunge the school system into chaos, unless the state legislature passes a law extending the program.

However, the Senate GOP threatens to continue mayoral control only if NYC allows more charter schools. They are also pushing to include a tax cut for rich New York City residents and a tax credit for private schools, too. Meanwhile their IDC allies offered another bill tinkering around the edges by letting neighborhood education councils choose superintendents.

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Are de Blasio’s new homeless shelters breaking the law?

Critics say the new homeless shelters planned by Mayor Bill de Blasio break the City’s fair share rules that require services to be equitably distributed across the city. The shelters are going in area with the most homeless people, which tend to be predominately black and Latino. Residents of those neighborhoods want fewer shelters around them and more to be built in whiter, wealthier places too.

Rep. Chris Collins didn't read Trumpcare. He's now in trouble for other reasons, too.

Did a Buffalo Congressman Break the Law with Insider Trading?

The Office of Congressional Ethics is looking into Republican Chris Collins. He was involved in passing a law to speed up drug trials. That benefitted a biotech company that he invested in. Collins also told others including Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price to buy stock. Collins then bragged in front of reporters about “how many millionaires I’ve made.”

Chris Collins is the Congressman who voted for Trumpcare, the American Healthcare Act, without reading it. Guess that’s where his priorities are.

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Why is Joe Ponte still in charge of the Rikers Island jail?

Did Someone Break the Law Overseeing NYC’s Jails?

Corrections Commissioner Joe Ponte is stepping down following a series of devastating stories about his leadership of the increasingly-dangerous Rikers Island jail. Then news came out that he took a government car on weeks of vacation and allowed a deputy to eavesdrop on investigations into the jail. While Ponte is on his way out, he already fired the deputy, Gregory Kuczinski.

Steve Pigeon is in trouble for a donation he got for Gov. Cuomo.

Corruption Watch: Pigeon and Crowley Sibling Relations

Buffalo Fixer Steered Illegal Donation to Cuomo
Legendary Buffalo political operative Steve Pigeon was already headed to trial for violating election laws. Now, he faces one more charge: helping a Canadian online gambling company make an illegal $25,000 contribution to Gov. Cuomo’s 2014 re-election campaign. Doesn’t look like Pigeon will be able to fly the coop.

Queens Congressman Pays His Brother for an Office Outside the District
The New York Post reports that Congressman Joe Crowley is using campaign funds to pay his brother, Sean Crowley. Crowley’s campaign rented an office from his brother’s company, Killean Enterprises LLC, even though the office isn’t even in his district. Crowley, a top Congressional Democrat and leader of the Queens Democratic Party, spent $69,700 in donated funds for the space.

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Bo Dietl can't run as a Republican and more news.

More New York News: Dietl, Trump, Money and Health

No Go, Bo!

As expected, Bo Dietl won’t be able to run as a Republican for Mayor since Republican county leaders chose to deny him a Wilson-Pakula certificate. While he says he’ll still run, he’s going to be only a minor, third-party candidate. That means we can all safely ignore Bo Dietl’s campaign for Mayor.

Trump’s in town but Cuomo and de Blasio are skipping out.

President Donald Trump will be here today, at the Intrepid Museum, to commemorate the World War II Battle of the Coral Sea, a Naval victory that prevented a Japanese invasion of Australia. (The Intrepid, though, was not involved in the battle; it would not be launched for another year). Both Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio are boycotting Trump’s presence at the event.

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