Cuomoville, as activists are calling it: a big protest against Cuomo's housing policies.

Housing Activists Camp Out for Action from Cuomo

A coalition of housing groups is planning to camp out to pressure Gov. Andrew Cuomo to stop the growing problem of homelessness and take action to protect renters.

The groups involved include some of the most active in New York City: Alliance for Tenant Power (an umbrella organization of eight other groups including New York Communities for Change, Make the Road NY, and others), Community Voices Heard, Vocal-NY, Citizen Action of New York and Manufactured Housing Action.¬†They’re going to erect what they’ve called “Cuomoville” outside Gov. Cuomo’s office to demand action.

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Good luck getting affordable housing in New York City.

Want Affordable Housing in NYC? Good luck.

The new state budget that Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the legislature agreed to last week includes a new program for affordable housing in New York City. Just don’t expect it to do much.

The new Affordable New York Housing Program lets developers of rental apartment buildings off the hook for property taxes for 35 years. In exchange, developers must pay construction workers a living wage and set aside 25-30% of apartments for low- or middle-income renters. It’ll create 2,500 affordable apartments at a cost to New York City of $82 million each year.

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