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Nicole Malliotakis is running for Mayor.
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Republicans have their woman but can she beat de Blasio?

Republicans now have a candidate for Mayor--Nicole Malliotakis, an Assemblywoman representing parts of Staten Island and Brooklyn. She'll be going against Mayor Bill de Blasio in November How'd she become the nominee? First, Republican leaders barred Bo Dietl, the controversial former TV commentator and private investigator,¬†from running in the primary since he failed to register…

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Bo Dietl needs the Republican Party to give him a Wilson-Pakula certificate to run in the Republican Primary for Mayor. Will they let him run?
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Will Bo Dietl Run as a Republican? Can He?

Despite the negative reviews (including here on¬†ShakingNews), Bo Dietl's campaign for Mayor continues. And maybe he has some better advisors now than when he announced his independent run for Mayor because he's now seeking the Republican nomination. Wait, what? Even though he's an independent, Bo Dietl is seeking the Republican nomination for mayor. He's already…

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