Hiring: Journalists for New Startup

ShakingNews is a new media platform to cover and explain state and local politics, especially around topics like healthcare, housing and real estate, transportation, education, and other issues of political importance.

We’re looking to hire a diverse team of full-time and ongoing freelance reporters for New York in the next few months

You’ll have an interest in politics and policy, ideally (though not necessarily) with experience reporting on politics and/or government, and want to explain what you know to a wider audience. Being part of something new excites you and you’re eager to work hard to build a news platform.

We’re building out email newsletters around specific topics so that readers (activists and engaged citizens who don’t necessarily work in politics or government) can subscribe to learn more about the news that interests them most. That means you’ll be focused on covering and explaining one or two subjects, including writing daily articles and putting together daily or weekly newsletters about the issue.

Interested? Email michael AT shakingnews DOT com with your resume and clips.